“Got placed because Digital Edge Institute”- Deepali Jain

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An Interview with Miss. Deepali–

In a session, he allows us to know how learning digital marketing, post BCA course and provided some best techniques of digital marketing industry in right way. 

Q1. Hi, Deepali, best wishes for getting your first job in Triumph IT Services. Going further, we would be happy to know about your previous qualification?

Ans. Thanks a lot! I have done BCA in 2015 and after my graduation, I was looking best platform for career growth then I was decided to make my career in Digital marketing field and joined the full course of Digital marketing with Digital Edge.

Q2. Great, even after having a BCA degree, you skipped career alternatives and went for Digital Marketing Training, why so?

Ans.  Yes, There are lots of career opportunities in present & future and anyone can start own business as entrepreneurs with very fast ways that’s why I chosen digital marketing industry. 

Q3. Will you please brief summary us about your interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for our learning students and the readers to get an introductory idea?

Ans. Yes, my interview was great and I had given 2 rounds. First was HR round another was the Face to face where I gave some quick answers about the SEO techniques and tactics.

Q4. How was the journey with Digital Edge, Can you share your experienced, please?

Ans. Yes, I was waiting for this question, because I have much more words for digital Edge. Firstly, I would like to give thankful because I got placement in Triumph IT Services because the learning material is very updated, especially trainers are very friendly and knowledgeable and many things but we can’t explain to Digital Edge in few words.

Q5. How would you rate Digital Edge training program on a scale of 10?

Ans. I would give 9/10 learning methodology, trainers, lab facilities and Modules. 

Q6. Where you see digital marketing in future?

Ans. Currently, I am working as a SEO Executive profile but It is my Goal, I want to achieve SEO manager profile.

Q7. What would be your message to young fellows anticipating to begin their career in digital marketing?

Ans. If you have plans to venture into this industry, you have to stay focused. Be patient and keep on learning. With the consistency and knowledge, when the opportune time will come, your attempts will definitely help you accomplish whatever you would have longed for.

It was the awesome talking to your Miss. Deepali.  I hope you will get best career opportunities in future and one day you will become a big business of digital marketing industry. Thanks for your important time.

 Miss. Deepali has completed her Digital marketing training course from Digital Edge Institute in 2017.