Do you know why inbound marketing is better than outbound marketing?

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If I remember correctly then, over a decade ago traditional marketing was at its heights! But what made this marketing strategy a decade older and lost one in this digital world? Of course, it is digitization. Let’s take an example, you want a mixer! Where would you prefer to go? Will you search for the best mixer available on the internet or will you go the shopkeeper and ask him unnecessary questions which you can even get at home?

The answer is obvious! If I would be given a choice I will choose the former option rather than the later one. From this, I am not denying the fact that traditional marketing was a failure. But as the time changes new techniques and strategies replaces the older one. If you want to do digital marketing and fears the mistakes then read six blunder Digital Marketing mistakes that can hamper your Business so that you do not go through these mistakes.

Digital marketing has changed the marketing sector with the 360 degrees. Today, we will talk about why inbound marketing is considered better than that of outbound marketing.

First of all, understand what is inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing in simple words is marketing through the content. The more unique and engaging content is the more leads. Inbound marketing is done through blogging, content marketing, newsletters, social media, taglines, infographics etc.

Whereas outbound marketing involves the traditional marketing methods which are conducting TV Ads, radio ads, seminars and physical advertisements including hoardings and pamphlets. The term which defines outbound marketing is “push”. It pushes the customer without the customer’s approval. But inbound marketing is “pull” which means it attracts the customers to itself rather than forcing something upon them.

Inbound vs. outbound

  • Inbound is based on communication and connection.

Inbound makes the connection with the audience rather than forcing something on them or deliberately involving them. It attracts customers through their content whereas outbound forces customers to see the annoying ads which they do not want see and it is one way.

  • Customer’s requirement is given utmost importance rather than the product’s need.

Inbound marketing focuses more on the customer’s need rather than the product’s need. Inbound provide services which customers asks and it is not forced able.

  • Inbound marketing is more monetary!

Those who have more money go for outbound marketing but who has the ability to create content always go for inbound marketing to establish the brand awareness because it is more economical than the outbound.