5 LinkedIn Marketing Tools to Enhance Your B2B Sales

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In the present Digital Era, we are very much connected than ever before. The major credit goes to smartphones and most of all social media channels. Today, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social media networks that enable you to take your social networking, marketing, selling, and most importantly hiring efforts to all new level.

There are many LinkedIn marketing tools that automate and alleviate that task for you so that you can easily meet and engage with the potential B2B buyers and convert them in a panoramic way.

Today, from the medium of this post I am going to take you through finer details of 5 quintessential LinkedIn marketing tools that will definitely help you to be a top-notch player in the market. In the present scenario, ads play a very vital role in bringing your brand up front. So, in this way, you also hike your brand awareness using social media Ads. And, here we are to let you know 5 most affluential tools that will help you to enhance your B2B sales and they are as follows:-

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is one of the best marketing tools in the business. It helps you to turn your passive LinkedIn profile into an automated social selling machine. It has numerous features like- account and contact import, lead recommendations, account pages, social selling index dashboard to measure the performance, real-time updates, and much more in the box.

LinkedIn Company Page

This is the very first LinkedIn marketing tool that helps you to promote your brand and build connections with your set audience, peers, job seekers, organizations, etc. It also helps you to spotlight the brand and it is a tool which enables the marketers and business owners to create a page for the specific audience with customized information and messages which will excel your branding opportunities in a professional manner.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

It is one of the most useful LinkedIn marketing tools as far as I am concerned as it will help you to publish and share the content in two broad ways which are long-form posts and updates. In which long-form post like blogging that will help you to publish your post in the form of blogs and article so that you can target your connections easily. And, updates will help you to be alert when any connection likes, comment, and share on the same.

LinkedIn Ads

This is the best way by which you can meet the end goals of your targeted audience. The ads are of two types of promotional and text and both of them act as a LinkedIn marketing tool so that you can target the audience by using different filters.

LinkedIn Mobile App

This is very crucial because it will help you to optimize and automate the LinkedIn marketing in mobile devices. It also helps you to appreciate the amazing features that set your LinkedIn on the go. It is accessible both on Android and iOS so that you can stay updated about what is happening around your network.

Therefore, these are some of the very beneficial tools that you can use to enhance your B2B sales. In the same way, if you find this post helpful and informative then you can share it on all social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.